Metsä Nuolia

I believe in the intellectual hygiene to embrace my deep obsessions for shapes. I took advantage of an artistic and wintry residence on the West of Finland to develop one of them. An arrow pointing upward. It evokes a wished fate, a concrete and geometrical direction from here towards the poles of Earth, then towards the MIR station, then the Moon and finally Mars. This fantasy begins in Arctic where I conceived an alphabet of 91 signs based on the conjugation of 9 simple arrows.

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These signs become shapes which assist the Finnish representation of its source of development. About hygiene, a significant tool was used during the creative process: the homemade sauna at the Arteles residency. Nothing’s helping more to focus after sweating out all wrong ideas. Tee-shirt on PAOM.COM

2011 – «Satellite Platform» (Pekka Ruuska) Arteles, Hameenkyrö (FIN)

One Piece Swimsuit
Zip Up Hoodie
Eco Tote
Tank Top Men
Bomber Jacket