These 10 tools are aluminum softball bats pimped with homemade words made in a vinyl sticker material. Some were used during performances. During summer 2018 – thanks to Sébastien Mischler from Geneva’s Fablab On l’fait – a 3D printing upgrade is created for a wall presentation.

Photos©: SketchUp On l’fait FabLab, Cetusss

“LOVE” from “RIOT” video, owned by Laurent;
“EDUCATE” from “RIOT” video, owned by Nina;
“UNITE” from “RIOT” video & Make8elieve’s cover, owned by Agnès;
“SCIENCE” owned by Benjamin.
“EDUCATION” ordered & owned by Caio;
“AMOUR” ordered & owned by Maria;
“ALBERT” ordered & owned by Shlomo;
“JONGLEUSE” ordered & owned by Valérie;
“OSE” ordered & owned by Eustache Mc Queer;
“RESPECT” ordered & owned by Sébastien Mischler.

Photos©: Edouard Cabrera, Maria Watzlawick, Cetusss