Performative installation to alleviate human suffering

Le Secret is a ritual that is as old as, if not older than Christianity itself. It is an ancient practice of healing through prayer and does not require any physical contact with the patient. Through his radical performance, Philippe Wicht creates an emotionally charged space in which to ponder the world’s ills, and reflect on beliefs and hopes in tribute to this tradition. Believers, the curious and Cartesians are invited to take refuge in the tower, approach the blind performer and whisper their wishes for a better world in his ear. In this mystical and engaged experience, deliverance seems possible through the agency of this artist-healer. I am an extra brain during the creative process.

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Photos©: Margaux Kolly, Cetusss

2018, april 13 – Electron Festival – MAMCO – Geneva (CH)
2016, august 5 – Manifesta – Zürich (CH)
2016, july 29 – SKILT Festival – Bern (CH)
2016, june 23 – july 2 – Belluard Bollwerk International – Fribourg (CH)

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