Open Season

Open Season’s installation tickles the outing (the public revelation of the sexual orientation of a person against his agreement) during Everybody’s perfect 2012’s edition.

Photos©: Cetusss

The invisibility remains a major obstacle to a positive change of public opinion towards LGBTIQs. Cetusss doesn’t invite you to come out because you will do it fatally during the festival. Open Season will go on the hunt against bullying and harassment in schools, through the repeated use of physical violences, insults, mockeries and other humiliations. LGBTIQ and their parents are not the only ones affected by facing this contemporary and evil behavior which sadly continues to grow nowadays. Pushing you in the center of a giant target and by a series of objects made in China for driving youth to the pleasures of the chase in USA, herds of inflatable wild animals will be staring at you in fear of the kill. Straight-friendly installation.