Paysage Canalisé

Dual work intervention during between 2 and 3 hours. Conception, sound captures and acting: Yann Amstutz. Live sound mixing: Cetusss (2010)

Paysage Canalisé n°5

Paysage Canalisé n°6

Paysage Canalisé n°7

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Photos©: Dominik Suppiger, Delphine Ralin, Christian Fuerholz, Franca Frey, Cetusss

« Plunged in the dark and deep of an inner listening, guided by subconscious images that pass through the mind, Yann blindly put down on the paper the expressions of the canalised continually transmuting forms and views. Seeing neither the colour of the oil pastels he use, nor the progress of the drawing during its creation, he disconnect himself as much as he can, from control and aesthetic research of the developing image. Immersed in a repetitive live sound-mix-space constructed from samplings recorded in Argentina’s tropical forest and capital city, this half trans state he’s searching for, intensifies. Body expressions become more fluid as the gestures automate themselves. On the paper surface through super positioning, grouping and rupture, an organic set of marks develops into a remarkable visual language. »
Yann Amstutz

2010, July 1st-4th – Expo MAPS, Caves Tavelli, ECAV – Sierre (CH)
2010, May, 20th – PLATTFON + STAMPA Gallery – Basel (CH)
2010, May 1st – ACT10 – Galerie Live in your Head – Geneva (CH)
2010, April 11th . ACT10 – ZHdK, Kunsthof – Zürich (CH)
2010, march 28th – ACT10 – HSLU, Erfrischungsraum – Luzern (CH)
2010, march 14th – OUTERSPACE – Agent Double – Geneva (CH)