The sliced version of Milo’s Venus is a tribute to Salvador Dalí (& David Lynch). Wood and spray paint, 1m20. Neon orange prototype version + 3 copies (different colors among white, red, black or other neon colors). Abducted by Francis Traunig since october 1st, 2018 & shown behind Geneva’s big police station in Albert Cohen’s street (Geneva, CH).

Used by Glam Chic Prod as a communication tool for a theater piece called “Venus Vocero” and played at Galpon (Geneva, CH) from February 21st to March 3rd, 2019.


Photo © Cetusss, 2018

This sculpture was first part of an art installation for 16th edition of Black Movie festival, Geneva (CH) in 2015. The sliced version of Milo’s Venus existed in 2 polystyrene copies, 1m20 high. One is owned by a well known feminist artist in Geneva, the other is owned by the artist himself.

The first polystyrene sculpture was made under technical advices from Lucien Langton.