Writing, filming and sound collaboration in le Contremaître et sa Contremaîtresse‘s film.

During an artistic residency near Mont St. Michel in 2011, we decided to make a film in homage to horror movie kind. The film will tell the meeting of the Contremaître and his Contremaîtresse in the context of a zombie invasion. The 30 minutes long film is experimental: a suite of dances, graphic set-ups and comical situations. Final editing version was done in January 2013. The sound mix was made by Cetusss with the generous help of Plexus (Boris Dunand), a swiss musician.

February 2016 – « Video Library P’Silo » – Marseille (F)
November 2013 – « Fear Exhibit« , Project Gallery – Toronto (CA)
May 2013 – L’Autre Café – Roche Qui Boit – St Laurent de Terregatte (F)

Affiche LA ZONE