The Deadly Spawn

The wind is biting, the moon in its first quadrant. A meteorite lands on earth next to two skateboarders, alone on the Plaine de Plainpalais. Intrigued, they move closer… and are attacked and devoured by hideously garish life forms emerging from the molten metal. Vibrations indicating food at hand attract the clumsy, half-blind creatures who, the more they eat, the more burgeoning eggs they produce. The vibrations from our festival venues seem to attract these gothic monsters.

A Cetusss installation inspired by a 1983 horror-cum-science fiction film by Douglas McKeown, chock-a-block full of mythological and cinematographic references.

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Photos©: Cetusss

The installation consisted in decorating most festivals spaces, in the design of tee-shirts, A1 posters and stickers.

Black Movie festival, Geneva (CH)
With the help of Fanny Devoussoux-Visser and her crew