Boson & the Cognitive Void

CERN, the world’s biggest particle physics center, has finally succeeded in generating a Black Hole. The famous European laboratory has managed to generate a complete void, the worst nightmare of Geneva’s inhabitants. And scarcely has this phenomenon made its appearance than it is swallowed up, dissolved or dilated to infinite proportions.

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Photos©: SmartMascot, Miguel Bueno, Cetusss

Ah, that damned Black Hole, metaphor for the close – yes, very close – future! The world-wide IQ regression and exponential increase of Alzheimer cases inevitably project us into a growing and perilous vacuum, towards extinction in fact. All that’s left will be the stories told by films, whether true or false. So, let’s celebrate this voracious vortex of experience and of our most beautiful memories! Let’s carelessly embrace its attraction and its mysteries!

And if it’s a worm’s hole we’re dealing with, we’ll crawl through this dark tunnel. Stupid, reckless, curious or naive, we’ll encounter Boson, the incarnation of the unknown or his ambassador, on tour around planet Earth and in Geneva during Black Movie Festival’s 19th edition. Let’s hope that he’ll beguile us before we vanish behind the screen!

Give me your hand and follow me in the starless night; your heart will feel like it’s melting, but you’ll cross the universe in the blink of an eye and emerge into the light, where you’ll meet those who love you, unreservedly.