Need a sublime artistic and disposable paper bag for your favorite christian intentions, reproaches about other before yourself or giving a wishful thinking vomit to a proud religious friend? Here is PAPER-BAG III: “VOMIT” by Cetusss.

Series of black or gold, unique customized bags (13x25x8cm).
Invited by The Montesinos Foundation. Bags for sale during ELECTRON festival 2017 in Geneva (CH). PAPER-BAGS PROJECT! (* white bags are a bit smaller and really waterproof)

Suisse: CHF 5 / Europa: € 5 / World: $ 5 (shipping included)
Contact/PAYPAL account: cetusss@elvisss.com.

2017.04.17. Mentioned in TDG (Tribune de Genève), article by Fabrice Gottraux.