Almost naked, lying on a table, he pines for his tormentor and she hopes for a big herd. They both like to eat hairs, wool, socks and pizza. They are waiting for you to win a kiss or a dance. She has horns and he’s got a cat tail. Ready to loosen your antenna, to burn your cable, to punch hard your cathode? As a warm up for the next BIM (Video art festival), come and see video art in a cinema!

For this 4th edition, the festival Everybody’s perfect invited Make8elieve’s team to build a video-art selection named « UNITE ». This selection of 2 parts offers the work(s) of 13 international artists and collectives.

Restricted content.

Co-curated with Michelle Marie Murphy

Under the LGBTIQA themes, you can find works from: Ronald Bal (Netherlands), Mathieu Sanchez & Hélène Barrier (France), Tom de Pekin (France), Marguerite Dupré (France), Daveo Falaveo (Pennsylvania), Mehdi-Georges Lahlou (Belgium), Daniel Lathwesen (Germany), Nicky Miller (France/Germany), Queen Mimosa (France), Eric Peter (Netherlands), Sonia Rickli (Switzerland), Leonard Suryajaya (Illinois), Mikael Vilchez (Switzerland).

october 21st 2016, Everybody’s perfect festival – Spoutnik, Geneva (CH)