Connect the dots III

All we hear is that this is the team’s tradition, and it is that way because it has always been that way. Their reason we have it is because we always have. That’s not good enough. But I think our people and others have come to realize that this caricature of our people as a red-face, smiling savage does great harm to us and our culture and has done so for many years. Think of it this way: if this team was called the Cleveland African-Americans, would the country permit them to have as their logo, Little Black Sambo? How many people do you think would be out here protesting that?” – Philip Yenyo, executive director of the American Indian Movement of Ohio in

Native American groups have protested the Indians’ grinning, red-faced logo for years, but the cries against it are only growing in volume this year 2015. They believe the representation of Chief Wahoo is disgraceful, shameful and racist. Here is a scalped version of him rolling his eyes. Part of « BLACK FRIES » installation hosted by Micro Art Space.

Photos©: MMM

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